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Payment Processors
How it works
step1 The first step only requires your involvement. 2 & 3 are automatic.
Once you register, you can add products in the ShopIntegrator with product id.
Now in your site all you need to do is to set up the Shopintegrator module, add product descriptions & assign product id for each product.
The buy now, add to cart, view cart, currency converter will be automatically applied.
step2 Buyer purchases your products and pays you directly in your PayPal, Sage Pay or eWay account.
step3 ShopIntegrator server verifies the notification and screens for fraud.
Digital download buyers are redirected to instantly access their purchased Digital Downloads.
An e-mail order receipt is sent to the buyer and for digital download buyers it also contains a link to your ShopIntegrator powered digital download portal

How Can We Help:

In a Typical Senario, we can help you design and build the CMS as well as the Skin and then help you to setup the Store. Here is a an example of a Smart Responsive CSS Framework Design as well as an example of ShopIntegrator. In the design process we can write the Art Direction and proceed to visualize the homepage and the store for you. In this example we are showing the advanced Responsive Design.  This approach has now been around for a while. There are numerous blogs and discussions about the subjects on the web and also in DotNetNuke Professional and Community Edition here at dotnetnuke.co.uk. The Responsive Design is a modern solution in reaching both mobile devices and desktop users with a single website content so we don't have to create new micro-sites per device and can have it all in just one site content. 

This approach dictates that design and development of the site should be done in a way that the pages can respond to the user's behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries and clever use of Java Script and JQuery. The problem is that this approach relies on the more advanced and modern browsers like Chrome, IE9 or later, FireFox, Opera and Safari. Older browsers can behave rather unexpectedly. But in general it is a small price to pay for opting to be in the forefront of technology and bringing your site up-to-date with current trends. Please have a look at the video below to show you the benefits of Responsive Design and how the new ShopIntegrator can perform responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.